Touring de force

written by: Jaap Proost

THERE is sometimes a fine line between beauty and ugliness. Take for example the BMW E30. That model is the basis for the 1984 through 1994 BMW 3 series. The sedan in the series sucks. It reminds me of nicotine stains and spectacles with sun-activated glasses. But the station wagon, BMW calls it Touring, is a totally different story. It’s solid and it’s beautiful. It is a mix between the intellectual Volvo 740 and the rotary Mercedes 300 TE.

There were a couple of models like the 316, 318i, 320i and 325i. The difference is in the 4 or 5 gears and in the amount of cylinders. I don’t know al the technical details, because that’s not why I like the car. The model got that eighties box shape with straight lines, but it also got nice curves. And it has traditional round headlights. The Touring model in the E30 steadily gains a cult status. But what would you expect when it comes in the color Diamantschwarz?