Lucy Sky Daimonds

written by: Jaap Proost

SO they would try still wilder improvisations… like the Human Tapes, huge rolls of butcher paper stretched out on the floor. They would take wax pencils, different colors, and scrawl out symbols for each other to improvise on: Sandy the pink drum strokes there, and he would make a sound like chee-oohn-chunh, chee-oohn, chunh, and so forth, and Kesey the guitar arrows there, broinga broinga brang brang, and Jane Burton the bursts of scat vocals there, and Bob Stone the Voice Over stories to the background of Human Jazz- all of it recorded on the tape recorder- and then all soaring on- what?- acid, peyote, morning –glory seeds, which were very hell to choke down, billions of billions of seeds mulching out into sodden dandelions in your belly, bloated- but soaring!- or IT-290, or dexedrine, benzedrine, methedrine- Speed!- or speed and grass- sometimes you could take a combination of speed and grass and prop that… LSD door open in the mind without going through whole uncontrollable tumult of the LSD… And Sandy takes LSD and the lime::::::: light:::::: and the magical bower turns into… neon dust… pointless particles, brilliant forest-green particles for sure, now.


-The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Tom Wolfe-