Fang The Man; Why Not Pull Your Front Teeth

written by: Jaap Proost

AT this moment kilo’s of steal are pierced into lips, eyebrows and other body parts. The face and neck lost its neutral position in the war between ink and bare flesh, tattoos march up from under the clothes. 3D implants give the human body bizarre curves and tongue splitting is not only a method of torture anymore.


In other words, body modification is getting more mainstream. (I blame Star Trek for the increased popularity of body implants.) Designer Thierry Mugler uses Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy as a model and if you excluded tattoos from professional football, there wouldn’t be enough players left to form a team. And that is fine by me. You want to tattoo your eyeball blue? Go ahead, I don’t care.


My point is that all these modifications ad something to the human body. But also in body art less is sometimes more. Check out the effect of the lack of front teeth on this man.  I like it. It gives him a vampire-ish appearance. (By he way, he looks like the result of a threesome between Wolverine, Count Dracula and Salma Hayek.) If people are tattooing sculls over their faces, you would say that pulling teeth for cosmetics reasons is just a step away. And I, for one, will welcome the look.


The pictures were part of an photo essay made by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1973 in Brazil.