About Zoomorphism And Simians

written by: Jaap Proost

AS some of you might know, the last three years I dedicated some of my time to make the blog BeatsNothing. But that stopped. The main reason was that the lay out of the website made no difference between long features and little posts and the newest update got the highest position on the homepage. It caused the situation that big articles, like interviews, quickly fell of the page. In other words, I needed a new website.


And with the new site also came a new name. (I got a little bit bored with BeatsNothing.) Finding a good url is pretty hard these days, but finally I came up with a word that was not taken. Monowolf. Not long after that, the logo popped up in my mind and I knew I got my new name.


But soon I realized that this name and logo have some resembles with the magazine Monocle. I enjoy reading the magazine and I guess we share some areas of interest. So if someone thinks ‘hey this new name/logo reminds me of something’, I have noticed it too.


My logo is, as you can see, a zoomorphism of a wolf. The top of the M are the ears of beast and the two dots the eyes. But since we are comparing, how about the Monocle logo, what kind of animal is hidden in their M? It must be the Proboscis monkey. This simian lives in the dens Borneo jungle and is, not surprisingly, known for its large nose.


The reason why I’m telling you all this is because the Proboscis monkey lends itself good to explain what I want to do with Monowolf. Stop looking at the nose and see what kind of animal this really is. It’s just great. Check out the arms. How the colors of the fur are running over from reddish brown to grey. These unexpected forms of beauty, in combination with other lesser-known facts, will find their place on Monowolf.