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written by: Jaap Proost

OLYMPIC Games do not only bring out the best in athletes. It also gives graphic designers a platform to excel.  Take for example the work Kamekura Yusaku did for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 and the design coordination by Otl Aïchler that formed the Games in Munich in 1972.


In 1968 the Games were held in Mexico. The organization called in the American designer Lance Wyman for the graphic work.  He worked in a team headed by the Mexican architect Ramirez Vasques. The design team was asked to create, within a limited budget, graphics and signage that should be at once practical and gay. Wyman came up with logotype of the number 68 in combination with the Olympic rings. Like a drop of water in a pond,  it was the start of a range of patterns and symbols.


The logotype is based on traditional forms in Mexican culture and sixties Op art.  The graphic design of the Mexican games had to make a big visual impact. Mexico did not have the money to make an architectural statement like the Japanese did four years earlier in Tokyo.


Recent graphic work give the suggestion that the Olympic Games held in  Mexico in 1968 never stopped. The house style of the museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the record of the Black Angels from 2006 proofs that the work of Lance Wyman, for now, is timeless. In 1970 Wyman worked for the World Cup of Soccer, also held in Mexico. For instance, he designed the mascot ‘Pico’.  He did a lot of work for museums, public transport systems and urban centers. To see more work of Lance Wyman, check out his portolio.




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