Black Moon Rising

category: > Photography

written by: Jaap Proost

WHEN you step on terrain no men has stepped on before, it’s hard to resist the urge to push the button of your camera again and again. A astronaute from a Apollo mission couldn’t, he just clicked constantly. The result you see below. The cross hairs you see on the photo’s are called a reseau grid. They are produced by a glass plate within the camera, between the lens and film. The reseau grid is used to establish a geometrical basis for measuring objects in photographs.


The pictures are made with the Hasselblad 500EL. All the Apollo missions used Hasselblad camera’s to capture the moments on the moon. It was not the only high end good from Europe where NASA relied on. Each astronout also wore a Omega Caliber .321 Speedmaster Professional on the lunar surface.




Click on the double squares in the lower right corner to see popout pictures

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