Viva El Chen

category: > History Now/Then

written by: Jaap Proost

WITH his escape from house arrest and consecutive fled to the US embassy in Being Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng caused a momentum that was perfect to release his video on youtube. In the statement directed to premier Wen he focuses on the widespread corruption in his country and the harassment of his family by government officials.


In the video he wears a black Nike training jacket and pilot glasses that are covered by brownish tape. He uses the taped glasses to hide his blind eyes. When he talks, a light mustache follows the rhythm of the lips. His skin is fair.


All this gives him an iconic look revolutionists need to accomplish their goals. Ask the Cubans. Premier Wen should be worried, the image of the torso of Chen Guangcheng does it a good on a t-shirt/flag/poster. Viva El Chen!





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