Design By: Ida Van Bladel

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written by: Jaap Proost

SOME advertisements don’t easily loose their appeal. Take for example this poster for Levi-Strauss Europe. Jeans normally cover the skin, but graphic designer Ida van Bladel flipped that concept around. The only fabric she used was the little label that is stitched together with the back pocket. Next to that she used ink and the soft flesh of a female bottom. The result is a great photo of a bare back pocket. The poster was part of a campaign that ran in the early seventies. The backside image was also used on a shopping bag.

Ida van Bladel, who did the work for advertisement agency Young and Rubicam Benelux, made three other posters for the same campaign. Needless to say, these ads are not so timeless as the bare back pocket.




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