Design By: Jacques Nathan Garamond

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written by: Jaap Proost

JACQUES Nathan Garamond is most known for his elaborate posters he made in the thirties, forties and fifties for companies such as Air France. But give me the work he did in the sixties and early seventies. Especially the trademarks Nathan Garamond designed in this time are top notch. In this period his style became more minimal. See his poster Nathan Garamond made for Air France in 1973.


Jacques Nathan Garamond is one of the founders of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). He was born in Paris in 1910 under the name Jacques Nathan. In WWII he added Garamond to give his name a French touch. I guess Nathan sounded a bit too Jewish. He died in Paris in 2001. These images below are from my collection of Graphis Annuals.



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