Better Friend With B-day Calendar

category: < Own Work

written by: Jaap Proost

I got a little tired of forgetting birthdays, so I made my own calendar to keep me in the know about who’s getting a year older. I used photographs of forest fire lookouts to illustrate the pages. These watchtowers were erected in National Parks all over the United States. People, who could handle the solitude, were stationed in these towers during the dry season to keep an eye out for smoke/fires.


The twelve fire lookouts I selected have the job to spot smoke from blown out birthday candles. I used an excerpt from the book The Dharma Bums from Jack Kerouac and made an illustration of a candle to emphasize this idea. The main character from The Dharma Bums spends some time in a fire lookout.







Click on the double squares in the lower right corner to see popout pictures

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