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written by: Jaap Proost

DUTCH photographer Jan Reurink is a frequent visitor of Tibet and whenever he’s around he points his camera at mountains, rock formations and ridges. The results are these mesmerizing pictures.


Reurink is a professional gardener with two passions: Tibet and photography.  ‘The thing I love is that you never see ski lifts going up the Tibetan mountains. There is no mass tourism. The terrain is rugged and remote’, says Reurink. He has been in Tibet for six times now and anytime soon he’s leaving again for a trip to the Tibetan plateau.


Mountains have a special place in Tibetan society and many of them are considered sacred. ‘But also certain caves and ridges have special meaning for the people. Those places have always a link with Buddhism.’


His work appeared in outdoor magazines and calendars. But Reurink is frank about how he works. ‘I always put my Nikon on the automatic mode and I use no tripod.’ Check out his other pictures he took in Tibet. They’re great.



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