Hansjorg Mayer: Avant La Lettre

category: > Graphic Design, > Printed Matters, > Typography

written by: Jaap Proost

EVERY period is defined by certain style elements. Sometimes you realize that those elements are only assumptions that cause false judgments. For example, when I found the book Edition Hansjorg Mayer, I thought it was designed in the nineties. That’s because I related it to the work of that time, think Karel Martens. But the colophon stated otherwise. This book is from 1968. It was part of an exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. The book shows the work of Hansjorg Mayer and other likeminded artists, such as Dieter Roth and Wolfgang Schmidt.


The stacked letters on the cover are from Mayer’s work ‘alphabetenquadratbuch’, a 13-page portfolio from 1965.  The first twelve pages are gradually filled by 26 alphabets in the futura typeface. On the last page the block of letters is printed four times on itself, each time turned one quarter. A detail of this last page was used on the cover. See more of Edition Hansjorg Mayer here.





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