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written by: Jaap Proost

IF Sean Wolcott would be a bird and his studio a nest, he would attract the fittest females of the forest. Well, if these females were into music instruments, that is.  In his studio, called The Red Room for obvious reasons, he has a Basketweave Marshall from 1967, a Gibson Hummingbird from a year later, an Amepx AG-440 8 track also from 1968 and crates full of old Italo records.


Walcott lives in Seattle. This is also the city where the studio is located.  ‘It took me twenty years to collect all the instruments you see on the picture. Although it’s nice to look at, I use the equipment for my band; The Fascination Movement’, he writes in a email.


One of his most beloved items in the room is a Mini Moog from the seventies. ‘It has a great sound. I have used it for almost all my productions. Nice anecdote to tell is that this particular Mini Moog was once part of the tour of the Pointer Sisters.’ Please check out the website of the Fascination Movement to listen which music came out of the Red Room. Find descriptions for all instruments here.







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